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decode multipart email attachments

From: Jin YuShi <jinys@nwnu.edu.cn>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 17:22:00 +0800
Message-ID: <38672FB8.DAF92565@nwnu.edu.cn>
To: www4mail-comments@w3.org
Hello! Would you please tell me how to combine multipart email
attachments into one large file (postscript or ms_microsoft library
file) and then decode this file. Before decoding need I delete the
emails' headers and blank lines? Is combining necessary or done
automatically by the decoder? The MSLFILE IE3LPKTW_EXE. that I have
been unable to combine into one large single file for a month was sent
me as email attachments  by<www4mail@web.bellanet.org>. 
( My computer: Celeron300a, 64MB memory, 8G disk, modem56K, Win98, MS
DOS, Netscape Communicator4.4 (I have IE but do not use it), WinZip6.3,
UUDEVIEW, 32*CD-ROM). Your Manual only points out the cumbersome DOS
command line  <copy /b
file.1+file.2+file.3 file> (so easy to type wrongly) and
no WIN98 solution. Decoding email attachments is puzzling to users
around the globe and needs in your Manual a consice, easy-to-understand,
effective explanation with relevant tools (WinZip, Uudeview.   fcode325
and others no good).
Many thanks!
Best wishes
Jin Yushi    
Northwest Normal University,Lanzhou,Northwest China

(NB   attachments  uuencoded  .ms)
        [was ie3l Request Part - 1 of 21 UUENCODED] Requested (URL -


        28 Nov 1999 05:22:25 -0000

begin 644 IE3LPKTW_EXE.001.ms
Received on Monday, 27 December 1999 05:02:15 GMT

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