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What's problem with THIS MY REQUEST.Binky processed it OK.

From: Yuri <fairman@rya.spb.ru>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 17:06:07 +0300 (MSK)
To: www4mail-comments@w3.org
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To: <fairman@rya.spb.ru>
From: Binky <binky@junoaccmail.org>
Subject: URL http://www.findcommerce.com/tracking/sarefer.dll?HostBannerID=70130 [1/1]
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   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   Welcome to Fortune City. We are an online community that
   gives you the opportunity to move into a "home" and
   immediately receive 20MB of free web space and a free email
   To help you select the best location for your homepage, our
   city is split into themed districts ranging from Music to
   Movies, Sport to Science Fiction.
   Once you have moved in you will be able to set up your web
   site in minutes. You have the choice of using our Home
   Builder to help you or you can upload your own files and
   graphics using our File Manager or FTP.
   Once you have created your homepage you can drop into our
   chat zone and meet your neighbors.
   Once you have settled in you will soon find that you will be
   making friends and becoming part of a real online community.
   Use the form to the right to get your free web site and
   email now. [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [--Choose a district--] [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   __________________ [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]   (5+ characters and
   __________________ [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   __________________ [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif] [plain-pixel.gif]
   Before you register, please read the [1]terms and conditions
   and [2]privacy policy.
   Copyright 1996-99 FortuneCity Ltd. All rights reserved.

                       mtile=1; ord=1074?]

   le=; ord=1076?]


   Visible links:
   1. http://www.fortunecity.com/join/guidelines.html
   2. http://www.fortunecity.com/join/privacy.html
   3. http://ad.doubleclick.net/adi/fc.us468/core/join/main;s1=c;s2=join;s3=main;pos=1;tag=i;sz=468x60;mtile=1;ord=1074?
   4. http://ad.doubleclick.net/jump/fc.us468/core/join/main;abr=!ie;s1=c;s2=join;s3=main;pos=1;tag=i;sz=468x60;mtile=1;ord=1074?
   5. http://ad.doubleclick.net/adi/fc.us1/core/join/main;s1=c;s2=join;s3=main;pos=0;tag=i;sz=1x1;mtile=;ord=1076?
   6. http://ad.doubleclick.net/jump/fc.us1/core/join/main;abr=!ie;s1=c;s2=main;s3=main;pos=0;tag=i;sz=1x1;mtile=;ord=1076?

   Hidden links:
   7. http://www.fortunecity.com/explore/homepage/index.html
   8. http://www.fortunecity.com/explore/homepage/index.html
   9. javascript:top.document.RegisterForm.submit();
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