Hi DOM3 Events folks,

Sorry if this nit has been raised before... There seems to be a small, easily clarified contradiction in the definition of addEventListener as it is currently written (draft 4 Sep 2011): The summary of addEventListener says

Registers an event listener, depending on the useCapture parameter, on the capture phase of the DOM event flow or its target and bubbling phases.
While the explanation of useCapture reads:
useCapture of type boolean

If true, useCapture indicates that the user wishes to add the event listener for the capture and target phases only, i.e., this event listener will not be triggered during the bubbling phase. If false, the event listener must only be triggered during the target and bubbling phases.

The description of the method implies the effect of useCapture=true is to install only a capture-phase listener, while the effect of useCapture=false is to install both target- and bubble-phase listeners.  I'd suggest the initial sentence be reworded as "Registers an event listener on the target phase of DOM event flow and, depending on the useCapture parameter, either the capture or bubbling phases as well."

Ben Lerner