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From: Howard Brown <hbrown@caci.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 18:19:03 -0800
To: www-dom@w3.org
Message-ID: <OFC0A6460A.35DFD082-ON8825727E.0009BBE9-8825727E.000CBB15@caci.com>

I couldn't find a place to make this suggestion, so I'm making it here. 
Would you please see that it gets to the right place or, at least let me 
know what that forum or email address is that I need to submit this to?

I've found as stitched together several html elements to form my 
server-side custom combobox component, that it is difficult to form a 
collective 'wholeness' when trying to deal with the focus and blur events. 
 In my case I want the list box, a select element, to automatically hide 
when the focus is lost to any other element on the page except for the 
ones that make up the component, but when the focus "shifts" between the 
TextBox, a input text element, the drop-down list button, either an input 
button element or a input image button element, I want the list to 
continue to be displayed.

So far I've tried many different ways, including the use of javascript 
variables to track the element with in the combobox component, but none of 
them work very well.

I'm certain that I am not alone in my frustration in trying to achieve a 
strong sense of unity amongst the individual html elements used to make up 
a virtual component.


I see that there is a window.event object that has a toElement and 
fromElement that currently says that these properties only work for the 
mouseover event, but it would be very nice if there was a property that 
told you what element was loosing the focus and what element was gaining 
focus that could be accessed in the Blur and Focus events in IE6 and 
beyond.  This way component developers could test that focus was going to 
one of the related elements within the component and determine that the 
component was or wasn't loosing focus.

Thank you,
Howard Brown
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