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DOM (2) HTML events behavior and "triggering" in frameset structured pages

From: Alex.baldacchino <alex.baldacchino@email.it>
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 01:00:05 +0100
To: www-dom@w3.org
Message-ID: <ec9a701710e76dff45c2420b278434fa@>

DOM events level 2 specifications states for load event that "occurs when
the DOM implementation finishes loading all content within a document, all
frames within a FRAMESET, or an OBJECT element".

DOM events level 3 note and working draft changes that statement in "The DOM
implementation finishes loading all content within the BODY element, all
frames within a FRAMESET, or any resource linked from the document", listing
all valid target nodes for such an event.

My question is: if a web page is structured with frames, being the outermost
FRAMESET element (and corresponding DOM object) "replacing" the BODY element
(and corresponding DOM object) in such a document, either should a single
event be dispatched (or all load events dispatched together) to each target
when the frameset is fully loaded, or should each event be dispatched to its
related target, so to trigger handlers execution independently and with
different delays (each one closed together with corresponding loading
operation end)?

In my logic, and relying on (my interpretation of) level 3 definition and
element grouping, I think the second scenario should happen, so that when
each frame source body is fully loaded its locally defined script(s) (I mean
scripts defined in or linked from the frame source html page) should be
executed, (contemporary or immediately after, for each frame) globally
defined and related function(s) should be called, then, when the entire
frameset is fully loaded (repeating for each frameset, untill reaching the
outermost), frameset related listener(s) should be invoked; however, I've
found a browser behaving in the first manner, so I've decided to ask you for
a clarification before notifying that browser developers of this bug/spec
misunderstood/uncorrect implementation. 
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