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WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR, possible wiggle room from the definition of the exception

From: Ray Whitmer <ray@personallegal.net>
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 08:59:19 -0700
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To: Ray Whitmer <ray@personallegal.net>

After debating points on standards and why they should be followed  
after it is agreed upon, let me mention one piece of "wiggle room" I  
just noticed looking back at the DOM documents themselves.  This  
appears in all three versions of the specification.

The definition of:
     If a Node is used in a different document than the one that  
created it (that doesn't support it).

The four words in parentheses at the end of the definition, would  
lead me to argue that you may not be required to throw the exception  
if you are inserting into a document that does support it, in which  
case perhaps the test case should be reconsidered.  Has this been  
raised before?

These four words are not mentioned after the definition, but would  
seem to me to apply wherever the exception is thrown.

Anyone else see this differently?

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