Ray Whitmer wrote:

Vivek Pandey wrote:


In XPathEvaluator interface, the the method evaluate has last argument 'result' of type XPathResult. The spec says:

"*result of type XPathResult*

The /result /specifies a specific XPathResult which may be reused and returned by this method. If this is specified as nullnor the implementation cannot reuse the specified result, a new XPathResult will be constructed and returned."

What does term *reuse *mean in evaluate function? Does it mean that evaluate method will resuse /result /parameter to refine the result object or something else?

It means that the evaluate method may reuse the result parameter as the result object.
Thats what i understood from the spec. But i am not finding info on:

* How does result object passed as parameter be reused by the evaluate function? I mean can it be used by the application for iterative evaluation?
* Is the reuse of result object is implementation dependant?
* In Issue XPath-30, the Resolution says for some use case it may be required. Is there anywhere i can find more info?



Ray Whitmer