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ASDOMBuilder issues

From: Elliotte Rusty Harold <elharo@metalab.unc.edu>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 14:49:43 -0500
Message-ID: <3C6971D7.4070207@metalab.unc.edu>
To: www-dom@w3.org
I think  parseAsURI() in ASDOMBuilder should add a list of standard 
names for particular schema types; e.g. DTDs, RELAX NG, etc. Otherwise 
different parsers are likely to use differnt strings to mean the same 
thing. DTD is pretty obvious but what's used for W3C XML Schema Language 
schema? "XSD"? "xsd"? "xml-schema"? something else?

|schemaType| of type |DOMString|
    This can specify a schema type or may be |null| if the
implementation can infer a schema type.

Also, the naming of ASDOMBuilder and DOMASWriter is inconsistent. It 
should probably be both ASDOMBuilder and ASDOMWriter or DOMASBuilder and 
DOMASWriter. I think I prefer the former.

Elliotte Rusty Harold
Received on Tuesday, 12 February 2002 14:49:33 UTC

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