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Re: PIs in the prolog

From: Goble, David <David_Goble@bmc.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 19:59:47 -0600
Message-ID: <B6200F7A96BCD211864900A0C9D817380EC16536@es01-hou.bmc.com>
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Don's post and reply from Mike:

Message-Id: <98May27.091156edt.26883@thicket.arbortext.com> Date: Wed, 27
May 1998 09:14:47 -0400 To: Don Robertson
May27.091156edt.26883@thicket.arbortext.com> From: Mike Champion
<98May27.091156edt.26883@thicket.arbortext.com>> Subject: Re: PIs in the
prolog At 12:02 AM 5/27/98 -0400, Don Robertson wrote: >Is there any
mechanism to create/interrogate PIs (and comments) in the >prolog? I need
one, but I can't find one. This will be spelled out in the next draft.
Basically, there will be a Prologue NodeCollection (or NodeIterator,
NodeList, or whatever we agree on as the One True Way to reference a set of
Nodes) off of XMLDocument, and you can add comments, PIs, etc. to that
collection. Mike 
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