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Re: What is the meaning of the DOM ECMAScript binding?

From: Jim Ley <jim@jibbering.com>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 14:23:04 -0000
Message-ID: <004901c1692a$3c63c940$ca969dc3@emedia.co.uk>
To: <www-dom@w3.org>
"Jesse McCarthy"
> Neil Laurance <neil_laurance@yahoo.co.uk> wrote on 11/9/01 8:54:44 AM:
> >Jesse, you are absolutely right. However, so long as NS and Microsoft
> >which object represents Document, then I see this as a faily trivial
issue, for
> >exampe:
> >
> >getBrowserType();  // some function to determine browser type based on
> >navigator object

Which is an utterly prepostrous idea that leads to nothing but errors,
and severe barriers of entry to new browser, who either have to spoof
their user agent string (as Opera does.) or not have support for legacy
content.  Please do not promote this stupid technique and complain to
anyone who does, object detection is the appropriate method, it's more
reliable now and supports future browsers which browser detection

> I disagree that it is trivial.  What is the use of standards if you
still have
> to write code forks to accomodate every browser known to man?

The standard doesn't specify it, however the "standard" that browser
vendors actually work to does specify it.

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