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RE: Combining two .xml files(dtds)

From: Andrew Anand <anand.andrew@fedex.com>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 09:00:26 -0500
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I think this mailing list answers DOM specific questions only.

Anyway regarding your question for this occassion:Combining two .xml files

Is it possible in the first case?
ans: Yes it is possible.

How do i combine them to form one .xml file.
ans:Initially combine the two dtds in to one .Using the concept of embedding
a dtd inside another one.
    Say call one parent.dtd and the one inside it, child.dtd.Use ENTITY
    Now you can have one .xml file conforming with parent dtd.

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Subject: Combining two .xml files(dtds)

 Hi all,
   I have a doubt.
   I have two dtds(and two corresponding .xml files)
   How do i combine them to form one .xml file.
   Is it possible in the first case?
   Could any one please enlighten me on this issue??
   thanx in advance.

Prashanth CS
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