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From: Bansidhar Giri <bansidhar75@usa.net>
Date: 14 Aug 00 01:14:32 MDT
Message-ID: <20000814071432.24994.qmail@nw128.netaddress.usa.net>
To: www-dom@w3.org
Hi Guys:

   I need to clarify the following doubts:

   I. We have written a Program in Java (using SAX API) to read and write xml
documents according to our requirments. Now whenever we add some new 
attributes to the metadata (xml file), we are forced to change our parser
and writer program. Is there anyway, to write the parser and writer in such a
way that it will change dynamically with the changes in metadata.

Is it really possible, to achieve the above mentioned using DOM? 


 I heard something like "DXML- Dynamic XML". Does this help me in doing
this? Or is it totally unrelated to taks like i have mentioned above (in I). I
went through a few documents abt DXML but it doesnt promise me anything of
that sort.


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