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Projects using Java-XML Programming

From: Bansidhar Giri <bansidhar75@usa.net>
Date: 7 Jun 00 22:13:36 MDT
Message-ID: <20000608041336.23443.qmail@nwcst333.netaddress.usa.net>
To: www-dom@w3.org
Hi Guys:

  Sorry to bother you. A small request. I am working in the IT department of a
Pharma research institute. I am new to the software field and I am interested
in trying out XML programming in Java (Using DOM). But there is no scope for
such kind of works in my working place. I tried out a few examples from IBMs
website but i would like to invole myself in a project so that i can learn
about XML-Java programming better. Can any of you suggest a few projects in
XML programming in Java so that i can try out by myself. All suggestions are


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