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Re: [Moderator Action] Re: DOM2 Events are badly broken

From: Stephen R. Savitzky <steve@rsv.ricoh.com>
Date: 03 Sep 1999 15:34:56 -0700
To: www-dom@w3.org
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Raph Levien <raph@acm.org> writes:

> Arnaud Le Hors wrote:
> > ... simply stating that the current draft is broken isn't quite
> > appropriate. 

On the other hand, that's not "simply" what he said.  He said it and then
explained, in considerable detail, exactly _why_ it is broken.  I understand
his frustration.

> >		As a matter of fact, the current draft (well, the latest
> > internal draft at least) does fulfill the requirements we've been
> > working with. Your problem is simply that they do not cover your
> > requirements. Now, again, I will see if there is anything we can do
> > about that.
> While I understand what you're saying about the fact that my requirements
> differ somewhat from the ones stated in the DOM2 draft, it doesn't do much
> to dispel my concerns. Slavishly following buggy requirements is one of
> the surest paths towards overly complex specifications with limited
> functionality, which in my opinion the current DOM2 draft represents.

This is a problem that I share, in a different context (document-processing
applications rather than Model/View). 

> I don't think I'm asking for an obscure or specialized feature here.

On the other hand, based on my experiences over the last couple of years, I
doubt very much whether you'll get the requirements changed.  As far as I
can tell, if it's not required in a web browser, it's not likely to get into
the requirements.

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