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Re: Cut/Paste from one document to another

From: John Bradley <john.bradley@kcl.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 17:48:15 -0400 (EDT)
To: www-dom@w3.org
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On 01 Sep 1999 08:12:00 -0700 "Stephen R. Savitzky" wrote
<steve@rsv.ricoh.com> wrote:

> Nevertheless, it would take only a few very minor extensions (such as the
> ability to represent the DTD, and a flag for omitted end tags) to make the
> DOM capable of representing any SGML document.  Similarly, it would take
> only a few changes (to the behavioral spec, not even the interfaces) to make
> the DOM easier to implement, more efficient, and useful in a wider range of
> applications. 
> Restricting the DOM to HTML and XML in a browser-based scripting environment
> is (in my opinion) shortsighted, and will eventually lead to another,
> incompatible, standard for use in document-processing applications.
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[This is my first posting to this list -- indeed to any of the w3c 
discussion lists, and I have been unable to check the archives, so 
please pardon comments about things already discussed earlier ..jb]

I, too, had been planning to use the DOM as the basis for software 
development that was based on XML, but not in a browser-context.  I 
have also been disappointed to see that a number of XML "things", 
including (of interest to my application) efficient linking between 
elements connected by means of IDs and IDref attributes, do not seem 
to be anywhere under discussion.  I can, of course, extend the 
definition myself to meet my needs, but this seems such a pity, for 
the reason Stephen Savitzky notes above.

I confess that I know nothing about "how things are done here" (!).  
Nonetheless, I'd be interested in knowing where, and how, decisions 
are made about what specific parts of the XML spec are recognized in 
the DOM.

                                              ... john bradley
John Bradley
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