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DOM Questions

From: <Lyle_Kantrovich@cargill.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 13:46:18 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <H00007f41edb5e61@MHS>
TO: www-dom@w3.org
CC: Lyle_Kantrovich@cargill.com
     Dom Working Group,
     Just looking over the DOM documentation, and had a couple questions.
     1. Will the DOM provide a way to tell if a document/resource loaded 
     I've been struggling with a Javascript application where the only 
     (ugly) way to tell if something's loaded is to create a frameset that 
     references the document I want to load, and use the frameset's onLoad 
     event to tell me it loaded.  This isn't a pretty solution, as it 
     doesn't always work as expected, plus I can't tell if the document 
     loaded or if I got a 404 error from the server...  This may be barely 
     outside the scope of the DOM WG's efforts (I'm not sure), but it is a 
     critical problem that needs to be addressed somewhere.  Do you know if 
     the DOM WG is looking at this particular issue?  Note that a document 
     object can be part of another parent document if the parent is a 
     frameset.  Also, an image is just another resource (URI) and is 
     similar to a document as far as the need to tell whether it loaded 
     properly or not.
     2. Will the DOM allow you to access the text and other similar objects 
     in a document?  I'd like to be able to access objects like the 
     document title, meta tags, links and headings.  Netscape 4.0x allows 
     you to reference document.links[0].text to get the text of a link, 
     while IE doesn't.  Do you think this will be addressed in the DOM 
     These questions have come up during the course of trying to find 
     solutions to real business problems.  If you could forward them to the 
     appropriate people (whether on the DOM WG or another W3C entity), I 
     would be very thankful.  
     I appreciate all the work you're doing for developers, the businesses 
     they work for and their customers!  
     Thanks again.
     Lyle Kantrovich
     E-Commerce Group Project Leader
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