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Re: Should Document.cloneNode() work in Level 1?

From: Stephen R. Savitzky <steve@crc.ricoh.com>
Date: 08 Sep 1998 11:33:39 -0700
To: "Don Park" <donpark@quake.net>
Cc: <www-dom@w3.org>
Message-ID: <qcd896a1z0.fsf@gelion.crc.ricoh.com>
"Don Park" <donpark@quake.net> writes:

> I would hate to see cloneNode disabled for Level 1.

Same here. 

> Perhaps there is something to be said for changing the cloneNode interface
> to:
> Node cloneNode(boolean deep, Document targetDoc);

A better alternative would be to put this on Document rather than Node:

  Node cloneNode(Node original, boolean deep)

This would have a couple of advantages:

  1. it would keep _all_ the node-creation methods on Document
  2. it would not have to be modified or extended when new node types are
  3. there are no problems when the original node's document and the target
     document use totally different implementation classes.

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