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From: ANOQ of the Sun <anoq@vip.cybercity.dk>
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 17:39:16 +0200
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I was wondering about the cloneNode method in the 980818 spec.
As I read it, it says that it clones all attributes of an
ElementNode, and all children of all nodes if it's a deep
clone. However it also says that any other nodes except
Element does only create a copy of the Node type without
any data.

Does this mean that for instance the subclasses of
CharacterData nodes does not get their text-contents
cloned? And how about tagName in Element and similar

I think these kinds of data ought to be cloned. At least
it's the only way to make a deep-clone which actually
generates a copy of an entire subtree of a DOM node.

ANOQ of the Sun / Johnny Andersen

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