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Loading a Document as a result of traversing a 'Link'

From: Les Cuff <lez@fastfwd.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 13:53:14 -0230
Message-ID: <000801bdcb8d$aab94de0$0df4fbcd@pothead.roadrunner.nf.net>
To: <www-dom@w3.org>
OK so I'll finish that thought... (lazy expansion versus expansion of a
document into a sandbox.)

    Some links are nearby into known territory completely within the control
the current document authority. Other link transitions demand a context
Some documents require a blank user history upon delivery. Other documents
are greatly improved when a typical-user-history is supplied along with the
collection of facts and media. We would then be only a few steps from being
able to deliver a 'hypertext reader session' instead of just a document.

 It would be nice to deliver a document with an explicit boundary of links
to the outside
world since resolution of those links should be a negotiation between the
various document authorities which govern the resources being referenced.
Each has own
replication restrictions and temporal update frequency.

   I don't know if any of you folk care, but...

I don't mind since those 2 Canadian cents are only worth 1 and a third

Les Cuff
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