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RE: Alternative to the Live NodeIterator

From: Andrew n marshall <amarshal@usc.edu>
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 15:23:41 -0700
To: "Peter Sharpe" <peter@sqwest.bc.ca>, <www-dom@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000101bd754f$cb9333d0$91d00980@solo.isi.edu>
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> From: Peter Sharpe
> Subject: RE: Alternative to the Live NodeIterator
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> I still think we are OK for ECMAScript and COM for the reason I mentioned
> above: the reference from the list will not be known to the scripting
> language or the COM interface so garbage collecting or reference counting
> will work. The problem comes in the Java bindings. I have no good solution
> in that case. You can implement your own memory management at the expense
> of interoperability, I guess.

How does ECMAScript deal with this?  It is my understanding that it is a
problem with implicit garbage collection.  My naive understanding of
ECMAScript is that there is no equivalent of the C++ delete on objects, only
properties.  Therefore ECMAScript has the same problem.

In addition, a solution in C++ requires the NodeIterator's desctructor to do
the detachment from the tree implies that the DOM user will delete the
NodeIterator.  Of course these aren't unusual expectations in C++.

> Can you Java experts not find some other way out of this dilemma? I don't
> believe Andrew Marshall's suggestion of adding a property set to Node
> solves the problem.

My previous proposal had more to the usefulness of NodeIterators being live.
Given what has been said about the need for progressively processing the
document, I believe this aspect of my proposal is mute.  Any alternative
benefits remain legitimate, although nonessential.

Andrew n marshall
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