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XPath API start

From: <jeroen@tcf.nl>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 23:42:48 +0200 (CEST)
Message-Id: <200005022142.XAA27585@webmail2.xs4all.nl>
To: www-dom-xpath@w3.org
Below you can find an XPath API as we've been implementing it on top of our 
database Xhive.

We believe that and XPath API as part of DOM makes sense, it takes way too long 
before the Query WG has a spec available. This API is supposed to get the 
discussion started. (and nothing more !, feedback is appreciated)

When we've created this api we've made the following assumptions:

- the interfaces should be simple and straight forward
- it doesn't make too much sense to offer a complete API for parsed XPath 
queries although this is possible
- it should cover the complete XPath implementation
- every query object has an authority object which organizes authority on 
queries. We've created it to serve our repository but it might easily be skipped
- our product is a Java product so the API's are in java which is alright for 
discussion purposes.
- XPath queries should support the context supported by Xpath (the context node, 
a set of variable bindings, a set of namespace declarations)

Method names etc should of course be changed and a clear module (something like 
org.w3c.dom.xpath) should be created. Dom core should add an hasFeature.

Have fun, 


Jeroen van Rotterdam
The Connection Factory

 XPath Query factory
public interface XPathQueryImpl{
  XPathQuery createXPathQuery( String unparsedQuery, String description );

Main Query interface
public interface XPathQuery {

  /* set the unparsed query */
  public void setQuery( String unparsedQuery );

  /* get the unparsed query */
  public String getQuery() throws XhiveException;

  /* execute the query against a reference node */
  public XPathResultIf execute( Node referenceNode ) throws XhiveException;

  /* Description of this query*/
  public void setDescription( String description );
  public String getDescription();

  /* variable binding list */
  public VariableBindingListIf getVariableBindingList();

  /* namespace declaration */  
  public NamespaceDeclarationListIf getNamespaceDeclarationList();

  public Date getLastModified();
  public String toString();

  public XhiveAuthorityIf getAuthority();

 result interface

public interface XPathResultIf {

  public static final short NODESET = 1;
  public static final short BOOLEAN = 2;
  public static final short STRING =  3;
  public static final short NUMBER =  4;

  public short getType() throws XPathException;
  public boolean getBooleanVal() throws XPathException;
  public XPathNodeSetIf getNodeSetVal() throws XPathException;
  public double getNumberVal() throws XPathException;
  public String getStringVal() throws XPathException;

 node set if
public interface XPathNodeSetIf {

  public Node getFirst() throws XPathException;

  public Node getNext() throws XPathException;

  public int getSize() throws XPathException;

 variable binding list

public interface VariableBindingListIf  {

  public VariableBindingIf createVariableBinding( 
        String name, XPathNodeSetIf value ) throws XhiveException;

  public VariableBindingIf createVariableBinding( 
        String name, String value ) throws XhiveException;

  public VariableBindingIf createVariableBinding( 
        String name, boolean value ) throws XhiveException;

  public VariableBindingIf createVariableBinding( 
        String name, Double value ) throws XhiveException;

  public void addVariableBinding(VariableBindingIf variableBinding)
        throws XhiveException;

  public boolean removeVariableBinding(VariableBindingIf variableBinding )         
        throws XhiveException;

  public VariableBindingIteratorIf getVariableBindings();

  public int size();

 variable binding

public interface VariableBindingIf {

  public String getName();
  public XPathResultIf getBinding();

 namespace declaration list

public interface NamespaceDeclarationListIf  {

  public NamespaceDeclarationIf createNamespaceDeclaration( 
        String prefix, String namespaceURI ) throws XhiveException;

  public void addNamespaceDeclaration(NamespaceDeclarationIf nsDeclaration)        
        throws XhiveException;

  public boolean removeNamespaceDeclaration(NamespaceDeclarationIf declaration ) 
        throws XhiveException;

  public NamespaceDeclarationIteratorIf getNamespaceDeclarations();

  public int size();

 namespace declaration interator interface

public interface NamespaceDeclarationIteratorIf {

    public boolean hasNext();

    public NamespaceDeclarationIf next () throws XhiveException;

    public boolean hasPrevious();

    public NamespaceDeclarationIf previous () throws XhiveException;

 namespace declaration interface
public interface NamespaceDeclarationIf {

  public String getPrefix();

  public String getNamespaceURI();

 XhiveAuthority interface
 unix style authority model

public interface XhiveAuthorityIf  {

  static short READ_ACCESS          = 0;
  static short WRITE_ACCESS         = 1;
  static short READ_EXECUTE_ACCESS  = 2;
  static short WRITE_EXECUTE_ACCESS = 3;
  static short NO_ACCESS            = 4;

  public void setOwnerAuthority( short authority ) throws XhiveException;
  public void setGroupAuthority( short authority ) throws XhiveException;
  public void setOtherAuthority( short authority ) throws XhiveException;

  public void setAuthority( short ownerAuthority, 
     short groupAuthority, short otherAuthority ) throws XhiveException;

  public void setOwner( XhiveUserIf owner );
  public void setGroup( XhiveGroupIf group ) throws XhiveException;

  public XhiveUserIf getOwner();
  public XhiveGroupIf getGroup();

  public boolean isExecutable();
  public boolean isWritable();
  public boolean isReadable();


By the way we've added support for document collections where documents are what 
we call "Bastard Nodes" of a collection. (Bastard Node: document.getParent == 
null while collection.getChild delivers a Document). This enables you to query 
over collections while not braking the core Dom and XPath interfaces.
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