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Dom Test Suites basic questions

From: Elise Nguyen <elise@adobe.com>
Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 18:43:53 -0700
To: www-dom-ts@w3.org
Cc: carnold@houston.rr.com
Message-id: <0IG300GKWJH5A0@mailsj-v1.corp.adobe.com>
I am a newbie with using Dom Test Suites and hope I could ask someone some
questions. Thank you in advance for your assistance
1)   QUESTION 1 :Would like to ask where to get the most updated test
suites. Could I use the zip files at http://www.w3.org/DOM/Test/ , are they
of latest ? 
      My company is trying to implement Dom2-Core  and Dom-3-Events and I am
in need to get those w3c test suites series to test. 
      I can only find Dom2-Core, Dom3-Core but NOT Dom3-Events at link
      1.1   since couldn't find it there, I try login to CVS repository and
download following instructions here:
      1.2  Then try to run "ant dom2-core-jar"  and got this error at this
step in build.xml (the link in blue below is no longer available !!!)    
             QUESTION : Please tell me what is the url name change to ?

<target name="dom2-schema" depends="dom2-interfaces">
        <style in="${build.dir}/dom2-interfaces.xml"
                <param name="schema-namespace"
<http://www.w3.org/2001/DOM-Test-Suite/Level-2> >

2)    In the Dom2-Core zip file I downloaded, I saw in
org.w3c.domts.JunitRunner class, there is this code section below. Sorry if
this may be a trivial QUESTION 2 : In real life implementation, why would
one wants to access 2 configurations. Why are there need to get 2
configuration settings ?

    DOMTestDocumentBuilderFactory factory1 =
    new JAXPDOMTestDocumentBuilderFactory(null,

    int result1 = runTest(testConstructor, factory1);
    DOMTestDocumentBuilderFactory factory2 =
    new JAXPDOMTestDocumentBuilderFactory(null,

    int result2 = runTest(testConstructor, factory2);
    if(result1 != 0) {

3)  QUESTION 3 :  Is Level 3 -Events test suites available yet ?  In trying
to find Dom-L3-Events, I downloaded the "Dom3-core-tests-20040405" zip file
at http://www.w3.org/DOM/Test/. 
     Unzip and in there I found Level-2 Events but NOT Level-3-Events   ?
(C:\ Dom3-core-tests-20040405 \ org \ w3c \ domts \ level2 \ events)
4)  QUESTION 4 : There are references to "alltests"  called in many test
suites (Test suites : TestDefaultParser , TestBatik.... etc as below...) ,
yet  I COULD NOT find their respective
level2.events.alltests."alltests.java".  In the zip file mentioned above, I
saw class "alltests.java" exist ONLY in package "org.w3c.domts.level3.core".
Is this class  mis-placed ? May be this is related to java classloader but
please excuse me if this is trivial question and help me understand.

public class TestDefaultParser extends TestSuite {
  public static TestSuite suite() throws Exception
    Class testClass =
    Constructor testConstructor = testClass.getConstructor(new Class[] {
DOMTestDocumentBuilderFactory.class });

Best regards
-Elise Nguyen
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