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L3 Core test suite status

From: Curt Arnold <carnold@houston.rr.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 01:23:10 -0600
Message-Id: <CC0F0BEC-68F5-11D8-86BE-000393B97126@houston.rr.com>
To: www-dom-ts@w3.org

The L3 Core test suite now has tests for every method and attribute 
added or modified in L3 Core and includes a very recent submission from 
IBM.  I've created a "nightly" build at 
http://homepage.mac.com/curt.arnold/FileSharing1.html.  I expect DOMTS 
to be added to Gump (http://jakarta.apache.org/gump) in the next few 
days which will provide real nightly builds using the freshly built 
versions of Ant, Xalan, etc.

There should be very little activity on the L3 Core test suite in the 
near future.  The only task that I have outstanding on the L3 Core is 
to review the issues list and mailing lists for additional tests and to 
resolve observed inconsistencies in the test results matrix.

I've only briefly reviewed the results matrix, but did seem some 
inconsistencies: some of the test using schema validation fail when 
using the new LS test adapter, one test hardcodes an expectation of 
"html" for the document element which fails on SVG, and calling 
createElement will result in a NAMESPACE_ERR when using the LS adapter. 

I would appreciate any comments or test reports on the new suite.
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