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Re: DOM L2 core tests

From: <nddelima@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 20:01:45 -0500
To: www-dom-ts@w3.org, www-dom-ts-request@w3.org
Cc: Rick Rivello <richard.rivello@nist.gov>, bclary@netscape.com (Robert Clary)
Message-ID: <OFDB5A50CF.613FC1F7-ON85256C6E.0004C6AF@torolab.ibm.com>
The attached zip contains fixes for validation problems with some of the
new level2/core tests.

The 3 tests mentioned below still fail and should either be removed or the
DOM2 TSML grammar should be updated to accommodate these
namednodemapsetnameditemns10 - According to
http://www.w3.org/2000/11/DOM-Level-2-errata#core-4 this should be allowed.

Note, the tests nodegetlocalname01, nodegetlocalname02,
nodegetnamespaceuri01, nodegetnamespaceuri02, nodegetprefix01,
nodegetprefix02, nodegetprefix04, documentimportnode16,
elementsetattributens06, domimplementationcreatedocument01,
domimplementationcreatedocument01 were not intended to be present and
should be removed.

Please sanity check.


(See attached file: core.zip)

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Great idea.

I also ran validation tests using xmllint from libxml and received
similar results to yours. I am attaching the output for all of the tests
level [1|2] [core|html]. These files contain only errors.

Commands I used

$ xmllint --valid --noout tests/level1/core/*.xml >
test-validation-level1-core 2>&1

$ xmllint --valid --noout tests/level2/core/*.xml >
test-validation-level2-core 2>&1

$ xmllint --valid --noout tests/level1/html/*.xml >
test-validation-level1-html 2>&1

$ xmllint --valid --noout tests/level2/html/*.xml >
test-validation-level2-html 2>&1


Level 1 Core : 2 errors
Level 1 HTML : 1 error
Level 2 Core : 347 errors
Level 2 HTML : 0 errors


Rick Rivello wrote:
>>Please sanity check.
> The following are the errors reported when
> running the Level2 core tests through
> Sun's Multi-Schema XML Validator.
> Here's the command I used to run the validator.
> java -jar msv.jar build/dom2.xsd tests/level2/core/*.xml

#### test-validation-level1-core has been removed from this note on
November 10 2002 by Neil Delima
#### test-validation-level1-html has been removed from this note on
November 10 2002 by Neil Delima
#### test-validation-level2-core has been removed from this note on
November 10 2002 by Neil Delima
#### test-validation-level2-html has been removed from this note on
November 10 2002 by Neil Delima

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