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Re: HTMLTableElement31.xml

From: Rick Rivello <richard.rivello@nist.gov>
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 14:16:18 -0400
Message-ID: <071701c22774$b8cd5830$573b0681@sdct.nist.gov>
To: "Arnold, Curt" <Curt.Arnold@aspentech.com>, <www-dom-ts@w3.org>

It is not in the original L1 spec but
is in L1(Second Edition).

I previously asked this question to
the mailing list but did not receive
and answer about items in the
L1(Second Edition).


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From: "Arnold, Curt" <Curt.Arnold@aspentech.com>
To: "'Rick Rivello'" <richard.rivello@nist.gov>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 2:11 PM
Subject: RE: HTMLTableElement31.xml

> Totally empty <TABLE> elements are not valid HTML or XHTML since the DTD's
> requires at least one TBODY or TR to appear in the content model of a TABLE.
> I believe that was the motivation of my changing the test document to not
> have empty tables which had the side effect of compromising the motivation
> of this test.
> Creating and adding a table element through the DOM as the test apparently
> does appears to be the best way to test that passage without requiring
> implementations to accept invalid documents.
> Is the passage you quoted in both L1 and L2 HTML?
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