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Re: Help wanted: A xslt transform for tests to HTML

From: Dimitris Dimitriadis <dimitris@ontologicon.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 22:06:48 +0100
Cc: "'www-dom-ts@w3.org'" <www-dom-ts@w3.org>, "'m.batsis@bsnet.gr'" <m.batsis@bsnet.gr>
To: "Arnold, Curt" <Curt.Arnold@hyprotech.com>
Message-Id: <9504B694-2A33-11D6-852E-000393556882@ontologicon.com>
Just got in, won't have time to do anything useful before tomorrow 
morning my time, but I ran Manos' stylesheet which displays fine in 

I'll work on it now and post it later on, possible tomorrow as I also 
have to get ready for the W3C Cannes meetings.

I'll read mail again before taking the plane tomorrow, could you 
formulate any isses you want me to take up with the DOM WG? I can see 
the following:

1. We are about to have 400+ HTML tests submitted from NIST
2. We are about to have 150 HTML tests submitted from Netscape (middle 
of March)
3. We are working on a web-based harness for the ECMA tests (and it 
looks as if we'll drop Junit at some point, given Bob's work)

Any other issues?


On Monday, February 25, 2002, at 08:54 , Arnold, Curt wrote:

> I tried adding an <?xml-stylesheet?> PI to one of the tests and 
> displaying
> it in Mozilla (the primary motivation behind the transform) and didn't 
> see
> anything displayed, but I only had a few minutes to play with it before
> heading to work.
> Didn't want anything like a grid display, just something that looked 
> like
> pretty-printed XML when displayed in either Mozilla or IE and had some
> minimal hyperlinks.
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>> From: Manos Batsis [mailto:m.batsis@bsnet.gr]
>> Sent: Monday, February 25, 2002 4:40 AM
>> To: Arnold, Curt
>> Cc: www-dom-ts@w3.org
>> Subject: RE: Help wanted: A xslt transform for tests to HTML
>> Ok, here's a sample file. Check it out and I will be
>> expecting input to take care of details. There are some
>> issues with namespace output and validity (null xmlns
>> declarations, I think it has to do with my msxml4) but I was
>> in a hurry; got some deadlines over my head today.
>> In case you need serious web based representation of the test
>> files, I could modify some transformations from an on-going
>> project of mine (a DOM-DHTML based XML Editor) that produces
>> a grid interface like XML Spy's. I will need a couple of days
>> to do this. Note that I intent to release that editor under
>> the GPL(or something like that anyway), but I think there
>> won't be any problem if I 'donate' some modificated XSLTs to
>> the list. The grid interface works in both Moz and IE.
>> Manos
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>>> From: Manos Batsis
>>> Sent: Monday, February 25, 2002 10:56 AM
>>> To: Arnold, Curt
>>> Cc: www-dom-ts@w3.org
>>> Subject: RE: Help wanted: A xslt transform for tests to HTML
>>> Just saw this, gimme 10 minutes and I'll get back to you with a
>>> transform.
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>>>> From: Arnold, Curt [mailto:Curt.Arnold@hyprotech.com]
>>>> Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 10:22 PM
>>>> To: 'www-dom-ts@w3.org'
>>>> Subject: Help wanted: A xslt transform for tests to HTML
>>>> If anyone else would like to take it upon themselves to write
>>>> a little XSLT
>>>> transform that would produce a reasonable HTML representation
>>>> of a test
>>>> definition in the next day or two, it would be appreciated.
>>>> Not anything
>>>> remotely as complex as test-to-java.xsl.
>>>> Quick requirements:
>>>> Output should be valid HTML
>>>> Should be compatible with styles already used for test
>> matrix, etc.
>>>> Assertion elements should be addressable using a URL
>>>> fragment, for example,
>>>> <assertEquals id="nameEqual" actual="name" expected='"newname"'/>
>>>> Should be converted into something like:
>>>> <a id="nameEqual">&lt;assertEquals id="nameEqual"...&gt;</a>
>>>> Metadata links should have hyperlinks:
>>>> 		<subject
>>>> resource="http://www.w3.org/TR/1998/REC-DOM-Level-1-19981001/l
>>>> evel-one-core#
>>>> ID-35CB04B5"/>
>>>> Should be converted to:
>>>> &lt;subject resource="<a href="http://...">http:...</a>"/&gt;
>>>> You'd probably want to lift the de-Xpointerizing logic from
>>>> test-matrix.xsl
>>>> so that exception clause references point to the attribute or
>>>> method and not
>>>> an Xpointer that would not be interpreted by current browsers.
>>>> I may try to write a simple test page harness this weekend
>>>> and having this
>>>> transform would make it easy to link to the appropriate
>>>> assertion failure in
>>>> the test definition and give me one less thing to do.
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