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RE: Summary of DOM Test Suites status

From: Arnold, Curt <Curt.Arnold@hyprotech.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 12:48:15 -0700
Message-ID: <70E215722F6AD511820A000103D141D40AA63A@thor.aeathtl.com>
To: "'www-dom-ts@w3.org'" <www-dom-ts@w3.org>
The test suite jar's have no dependency on JUnit and can be run on any test framework for which the adapter classes have been created.  There are currently adapters for both JUnit or Apache Jakarta
Avalon Testlet framework.  Is the Apache license compatible with the W3C Software License?  Is there another Java test framework that would be compatible with the W3C Software License?

We should be able to have one set of test .js files that will run under both JSUnit and the custom harness.  I'm not familiar with the internals of the NIST harness, so I don't know how much can be
reused.  I know that Mozilla also had a test harness used in some of their publically downloadable tests.
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