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We use CVS for editing most parts of the W3C web site. You are strongly encouraged to use it for your area, too. It provides logs, history, and handy backups for each page under its control, allows many people to maintain a shared information space using versioning control, and is supported by our JigEdit distributed authoring tool. In case of trouble, send mail to sysreq. You will likely also want to read setting up ssh for cvs.

Note: this area was until recently W3C staff-internal, and some of the links may still point to staff-internal areas. If there is some information you need that isn't accessible to you, please let us know.

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CVS Clients

CVS is available from the GNU source archives as a command line tool
Windows NT
2 options:

Repositories and Servers at W3C

We currenty have three CVS repositories:

  1. Public remote CVS repository

Public remote CVS Repository

This is the repository for all our Open Source software and can be accessed through our cvsweb interface.

For write access, this CVS repository is accessed through SSH:


It also offers anonymous read-only access to the public, using pserver authentication; see the public home for more info.

Quick Start / Examples

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You create your local work area by doing an update operation. For example, if you are going to work in the HTTP-NG area then you type the following to create a local copy in your home directory:

        cvs update -d WWW/Protocols/HTTP-NG/

From now on, you work in this local area and do a CVS commit whenever you want to commit some changes. In order to make the changes appear on our Web site, you also need to update the checked out version on AFS. For example,

        cd HTTP-NG
        cvs update

Historical Interest

Here are documents that aren't actively maintained any more, but are linked here for historical interest:

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