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[General] The near future

From: Dimitris Dimitriadis <dimitris.dimitriadis@improve.se>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 15:25:40 +0200
Message-ID: <9F67DC27F4CCD311ABA600508B6A66A44A6C66@VXOIMP1>
To: "'www-dom-ts@w3.org'" <www-dom-ts@w3.org>
Thanks to all involved, we've concluded the first iteration in producing the
DOM Level 1 TS.

There are a series of issues that are in need of being resolved (taken from
previous action item lists and added some new ones). As usual, person
responsible indicated in square brackets. Ranked in order of priority (hence
shared indices), if there is disagreement, please advise.

1. Update of the main DOM TS page, being done right now [dd]
1. Revision period (would one week to 10 days be enough?) [All]
2. Production of Ecma transform [ca/All]
2. Harness to run ECMA tests [mb? Any ideas since you've written one
2. Packaging issues [ca/All]
3. Documentation (FAQ finished, technical documentation, tutorial, manual on
biulding and so forth) [dd; fd]
3. Cleanup of files in CVS [all]
4. Move files in need of clarification to sourceforge [all]
5. Announcement of first iteration of DOM TS [dd on xml-dev, other lists of
6. Remaining Metadata issues [All]
6. Update of NIST matrix (except if we produce one from the commited
material on the W3C CVS) since the links seem to not work. [mb/all]

The above should all go into separate mails, I suspect we're not far from
finalizing all of the separate items. I'll send a corresponding set of
emails during the afternoon (except for finished items that need not be
adressed further) including pointers to last month's discussion on the list.
For now, I'll start work on updating the main DOM TS page, primarily with
pointers and credits to Curt and Fred.

Again, thanks, I think we've done a good job, especially given the
procedural stoppers we had (and luckily solved).


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