Freeware Search integrated into Web Server

An integrated Search Module is now available as freeware for the Apache Web
server. The search module allows the server to accept an HTML form on port
80 and perform a search of a local or remote ANSI Z39.50 service through
port 210. The results may be returned in one of several well-known record
formats as an HTML page to the client listening on port 80. 

The search module is similar in function to CGI-BIN gateways like the
Library of Congress Z39.50 Gateway, except that the module has full access
to the internal control structures of the HTTP server while a CGI-BIN script
does not. As such, this approach facilitates security and document
processing not possible with a script and also minimizes system maintenance. 

The search module is compliant with Z39.50 version 3 and the GILS
Application Profile. It was integrated into the Apache freeware by Bill
Miller of the USGS, using Z39.50 software components developed by IndexData
in Denmark. The Z39.50 protocol stack used by this module is the publicly
available YAZ tool kit created by IndexData. The collection of documents
(e.g., HTML served by the Web server) is indexed and made accessible by the
IndexData Z39.50 server known as Zebra. Zebra currently operates as a "stand
aside", but a future release of the modular Apache search software will also
integrate the Z39.50 server as another Apache module. 

For more information and to obtain the software, see

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