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few queries on Device independence to start research further

From: P. Hemagiri <P.Hemagiri@techbooks.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 12:56:24 +0530
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Cc: "Sandeep Khomne" <Sandeep.Khomne@techbooks.com>, "Sameer Tamboli" <Sameer.Tamboli@techbooks.com>, "P. Hemagiri" <P.Hemagiri@techbooks.com>
Hi All,


It's really great to see a helping hand from all you.  I have started
reading the documents and it's very interesting.

Actually our company was planning to set up a research team which will
develop device independent content for mobile learning. For successful
planning and execution I need few doubts to be clarified from you all. 


As of my understanding once a Working Draft Becomes recommendation, then
only all the major Telecom or Device manufacturing companies will start
adapting the standards set by w3 (please correct me if am wrong).


If the above said is the case, then the below is our plan


*         Identify the Recommendations set by W3c till now for device
independent content delivery.


*         Recommendations adapted by Device manufacturing companies to
be identified. To be in detail, we have to conclude which models have
adapted which recommendations.


*         If we find a minimum one model from every major manufacturer
supporting the above identified recommendations, we will proceed to
point 4. 


*         We will research and explore the technologies laid by the
recommendations and start developing content.




Can we actually develop a Device Independent Content Delivery with the
current technologies adapted by Device manufacturers? 


If we can, how much time and resources are required to successfully
develop device independent content for mobile learning? 



In our Initial findings, the below listed technologies are going to rule
the future of Device Independent content delivery,


*         WAP 2.0 - XHTML along with ECMAScript 

*         XHTML Mobile Profile (XHTML MP)

*         ECMAScript Mobile Profile (ESMP)

*         WAP Push

*         SMIL

*         CSS3: Media queries

*         Xforms

*         VoiceXML

*         Device Independent Authoring Language (DIAL)


Guys, the above said plan is a rough draft out of our understanding. Do
correct us or you all can always suggest a different plan altogether.



Thanks in advance,


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