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Comments on DI Content Selection Public Working Draft

From: Rhys Lewis <rhys.lewis@volantis.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 11:25:28 +0100
Message-ID: <D18551A6C7EA6241B960D4909EB75DF5CE1C14@squid.volantis-uk>
To: "Paul Duffin" <paul.duffin@volantis.com>
Cc: <www-di@w3.org>

Hello Paul, 

Thanks for your detailed comments on the recently published working draft of "Content Selection for Device Independence"

On your first point about the attributes being global, this is certainly not the intent. I've probably been over zealous in use of prefixes in an attempt to make it very clear which belong to the new specification and which do not. Thank you for pointing this out. I'll clarify the wording and update the examples to ensure that this is corrected in future drafts.

On your first use case, the desire to hold content that includes selection markup separately from common content is one that we share in DIWG. We felt, however, that we needed to separate discussion of the ways in which content could be combined from the specification of the selection mechanism itself. We are working on another draft which will explain how the various facilities fit together in the context of a language profile for device independence. This profile involves a combination of W3C specifications, including XHTML 2, CSS  and XForms, together with additional facilities, such as content selection. It will also show various usage scenarios. We expect to publish a working draft of that document within a few months.

On your second use case, I think you are correct in that this might well be better handled within the presentational part of the markup. In the example you cite, the behaviour of the <caption> element within <object> in XHTML version 2 might give the desired result.

Best wishes 
Rhys Lewis, Chair DIWG
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