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Comment WD-cpc-req-20030510

From: Johannes Koch <koch@w3development.de>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 22:21:39 +0200
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One thing that IMHO is rarely mentioned when dealing with 'acceptable 
xxxxx' attributes is 'acceptable URI scheme'. Some use cases:

1. A company's web site has a 'Contact' page with an email link.
UA 1 may be a fully-equipped communication tool including mail client, 
so opening a mail compose window on activation of the link (success).
UA 2 may be configured to call an external email application (success).
UA 3 may be just a web browser and signal an error (failure).

2. A service specifically designed for mobile users offers phone numbers 
of cinemas.
UA 1 may be a WAP phone with WTAI 'make call' support; the phone number 
should be marked up as a link using the 'wtai:' scheme (success).
UA 2 may be an iMode phone; the phone number should be marked up as a 
link using the 'tel:' scheme (success).
UA 3 may be a WAP phone without WTAI support; a 'wtai:' link does not 
work in this browser and would annoy the user (failure).

3. A personal homepage contains a link to an IRC channel using the 
'irc:' scheme.
UA 1 opens its IRC client and connects to the channel (success).
UA 2 signals an error (failure).

* http:
* ftp:
* mailto:
* data:
* tel:
* wtai:
* irc:
Johannes Koch
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