Onliners join to back consumer education campaign

[Quoted from Advertising Age]

Online service and Internet access providers joined hands to launch Project  
OPEN (Online Public Education Network) on Tuesday in New York as a national  
consumer education program addressing decency, intellectual property rights,  
and educational uses of the Internet.

AOL, AT&T, CompuServe, Interactive Services Association, Microsoft Corp.,  
NETCOM On-Line Communication Services and Prodigy are all part of the  
alliance, which will use a new public service announcement, informational  
brochures and a toll-free number to inform consumers about consumer  
protection, privacy and intellectual property on the Internet.

The alliance will also work with advocacy group the National Consumers League  
to develop consumer-friendly guidelines for online commerce and advertising.

Fleishman Hillard, Washington, helped create a print and radio PSA campaign  
that uses a metaphor of giving kids "driver's ed" on the information highway.