W3C announces two new Demographics discussion lists

W3C is now sponsoring two mailing lists spun out from the recent MIT Workshop  
on Internet Survey Methodology and Web Demographics.


To subscribe, send "subscribe" in the Subject: line to


The archives of each list will be publically available:


Rohit Khare

About WWW-Demographics
This group will focus on ethical user profiling and self-reporting. Some  
issues include:

   a. Clarify desirability of and develop protocol extensions for session ID  
and persistent site ID.

   b. Develop standard procedures and definitions for users' disclosure of
demographic information in return for value from information providers

   c. Identify relevant international standards regarding privacy and
data security

   d. Develop or identify means and standards for protecting demographic
data collected through logging and registration

   e. Identify data elements suitable for statistical aggregation (not  
identification), e.g. state/country, age, gender, etc.

About WWW-Logging
This group will focus on the analysis of web logs and large-scale usage  
measurement. Some issues include:

  a. develop common definitions of web transactions, standard formats
for server logs, and shared interpetations of log data

  b. propose needed and experimental fields to extend the log formats.

  c. develop procedures for exchanges that enable more complete
measurement of usage, e.g., data exchanges between caches and providers.

  d. investigate methods of aggregating usage data to provide meaningful
descriptions of activity within and across sites, while protecting users'

  e. develop methods for analyzing aggregate and individual web usage.