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Re: Annotations for Web pages

From: Alan Dix <A.J.Dix@soc.staffs.ac.uk>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 14:35:47 +0000
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To: Jakob Hummes <hummes@eurecom.fr>
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>  I'm currently writing a paper about different approaches and systems
>to implement.  I would like to include references to published work
>about very good ideas and proposals I've found on the Web.
>  So, it would be great, if someone can point out, where I can find
>references to the following proposals or systems:
      .....        .....
>2) Systems: Futplex, Web4Groups, ComMentor, HyperNews, aqui,
      .....        .....
>- BSCW from the German GMD

You can find descriptions of several of these systems in the proceedings
of the ERCIM/W4G Workshop on CSCW and the Web, published as:

    CSCW and the Web, Proceedings of the 5th ERCIM/W4G Workshop,
    U. Busbach, D. Kerr and K. Sikkel (eds).
    Arbeitspapire der GMD 984, 1996.

Also available on the web at http://orgwis.gmd.de/W4G/



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