Specialty Lead databases !

From: Fresh Leads for 2002 !! (msms@masms.a4.45.us)
Date: Thu, Dec 06 2001

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    From: "Fresh Leads for 2002 !!" <msms@masms.a4.45.us>
    Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 20:43:01
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    Subject: Specialty Lead databases !
    MARKETING PROFESSIONALS    Call 800-299-8280 for 500 FREE Leads for 2002 !!
    SALES Leads: with Exec contacts, sales, revenues, employees, credit rating, target by industry / area
    Business Fax Lists: by industry, zip code, with exec contacts: $199 for 10,000 records or $500 for up to 20,000 records in your Area Code
    UCC-1 filings    >> get competitive lease filings on your competition use as competitive Intelligence or Sales Intel
    New Business DBA Filings - 254,000+ Fresh records for new businesses in all 50 states started this year 2001
    Business Sales Leads > any industry 10 million records+ We sell for 20% below anyone
    Consumer Records > Investors, Millionaires, Hobbyists, Autodial lists 100,000 records for $495 clean #'s
    Medical & Physicians Database > 580,000+ US Physicians with fax and specialty
    much more available - just call 800-299-8280 You wil be glad you did !
    Digital Voice Mail Broadcasting & Targeted Fax Broadcasting > We sell you the Targeted Pre Qualified Leads
    Lawyers Database > every lawyer in your area code $250 or 500 for up to 50,000 full records
    High Rate Mortgage Borrowers Database >> 17 Million Records in 15 top states
    COPIER Lease database - identifies early lease buyout opportunities before the lease is up
    Marketing Solutions
    Call 800-299-8280     800-579-4912 fax
    We are a raw data wholesale suppllier to Dunn&Bradstreet as well as Bell South. Buy direct from the source
    This is not SPAM. You were sent this because you subscribed to a sales or business related information network or registered with our multi-threaded searche engine placement system and opted in to recieve Business/Marleting related offers. TO BE REMOVED email remove@email.com  with your email address in the subject line.  Thanks !!