Asia Observer

From: John Einar Sandvand (
Date: Tue, Dec 04 2001

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    From: "John Einar Sandvand" <>
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    Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 21:03:34 +0100
    Subject: Asia Observer
    Do you want to check the latest Asia headlines from the world's major media?
    Or maybe you are looking for the best web site for some specific information
    about Indonesia, China, Japan or another country in Asia?
    Asia Observer
    ... a start page for people who follow news and developments in Asia.
    You will find news, background, discussion forums and plenty of useful
    links, carefully selected by an experienced foreign news reporter who made the web site as
    the start page he would like to use himself in covering this dynamic region for
    his newspaper. 
    Hopefully you will find it useful too!
    Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions for improvement of the site.
    John Einar Sandvand
    Editor, Asia Observer