CC/PP Protocol

From: Butler, Mark (
Date: Mon, Aug 06 2001

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    From: "Butler, Mark" <>
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    Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 17:43:13 +0100 
    Subject: CC/PP Protocol
    I have some questions about the document "CC/PP exchange protocol using HTTP
    extension framework".
    In section 5.2.1 Profile header, I'm afraid I do not understand the
    following paragraph:
    The profile-diff-number is the number which indicates the corresponding
    Profile-Diff header. Multiple Profile-Diff headers are allowed to appear in
    the same request. Threfore the profile-diff-number is introduced for the
    purpose of indicating the corresponding Profile-Diff header. The
    profile-diff-number is generated, and corresponds to the suffix of the
    corresponding Profile-Diff header field-name in the same request.
    Can anyone paraphrase this for me?
    Secondly what is the rationale behind the use of the name space header
    prefix declared in the extension declaration header?
    Thanks in advance,
    Mark H. Butler
    HP Labs Bristol