Invitation: CC/PP Protocol Discussion List

From: Johan Hjelm (
Date: Tue, May 02 2000

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    Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 16:20:25 -0400
    From: Johan Hjelm <>
    Subject: Invitation: CC/PP Protocol Discussion List
    Dear All, 
    as you may know, we designed the CC/PP Exchange Protocol to take care of
    the interchange of CC/PP data structures between an HTTP client and a HTTP
    server. In the current version it is an application of the HTTP Extension
    That, and the fact that it is only a Note in the W3C (a document without
    official standing) makes its status somewhat insecure. We want to
    investigate the possibilities of bringing it onto the standards track, and
    as a first step, we have created a version of the specification in the RFC
    format as focal point for discussion. 
    The address of the list is You subscribe by
    sending an email to with the word
    "subscribe" in the subject of the message (without the quotes). 
    We hope interested parties will participate in the discussion on this list
    to establish a more formal version of this protocol. 
    Johan Hjelm
    Chair, CC/PP working group, W3C
    (apologies for multiple postings!)
    For more information: 
    CC/PP Exchange Protocol as a W3C Note:
    CC/PP Exchange Protocol in RFC format:
    CC/PP original W3C Note:
    CC/PP working group public home page: 
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