CFP: Open Proxy Workshop, September 13, 2000

From: Hilarie Orman (
Date: Mon, Aug 07 2000

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    Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 12:04:47 -0600
    From: "Hilarie Orman" <>
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    Subject: CFP: Open Proxy Workshop, September 13, 2000
    CFP: Open Proxy Workshop, September 13, 2000
                            Call for Participation: Workshop on
                       Sophisticated Content Services for the Network:
                                  Extensible Proxies
                                 September 13, 2000
                             Silicon Valley Conference Center
                                 2161 N. First Street
                                  San Jose, California
    This workshop will help to define a new platform for the Internet, one that is essential for
    engineering the delivery of sophisticated content forms and is also essential for bringing a new
    level of sophistication to content delivery. We are seeking participants who can bring to bear
    architectural innovations, new services ideas, and to either inspire or be inspired by a new
    direction in the evolution of the Internet. 
    In today's Internet, the infrastructure creating the "the net" is pointing towards a new network
    service model. The Web is becoming clients or user agents that consume information, content
    servers that provide the basic information and units of Web infrastructure which are the Proxies
    (or Proxy-Cache). These critical infrastructure devices provide the opportunity for enhanced
    services that expand the value of content on the Internet. Examples of such services are: 
         content adjustment - adjusting and/or assembling the content ultimately being delivered to
         the user. Today we see this in content assembly for advertising. 
         presentation adjustment - modifying the content presentation to be more suitable for the
         client. Today we have WAP and other gateways to adjust content. 
         semantic management - evaluate content against classification criteria such as virus
         detection, topic, legality, etc. 
    Extending the notion of content services leads us to operations such as: 
         Data dependent cache functioning - cache management strategy is a function of the nature
         of the cached data. Content providers are already acting on the requirements for caching
         streaming multimedia data. 
         Web accounting - tracking Web usage independently of the content server or user client. 
         Multiple network sharing - objects obtained from a data network can, for example, feed a
         broadcast system. 
    A recent Internet-Draft (EPSFW) proposed an architectural framework for standardizing the
    components and APIs that can be used to build these services. This is the Extensible Proxy
    Services Framework. We are holding a working to present and discuss concepts needed for
    standardizing components in the Proxy system. 
    Suggested areas for papers or panels are 
    High-performance architecture requirements and engineering criteria 
    Innovative services on proxy platforms (e.g. messaging, geographic positioning, etc.) 
    Languages for extensible services 
    Dynamic service extensions: delivery, loading, etc. 
    New communication protocols 
    Other new platform architectures for Internet infrastructure 
    Papers and panels must be submitted by August 31, 2000. Please send a title and abstract for
    papers to Michael Condry (; panel proposals should include title, 
    abstract, and names of committed panelists and should be sent to Hilarie Orman (
    Responses will be sent by September 3, 2000. 
    Registration information will be available at the Extensible Proxy website,