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From: Hidetaka Ohto (ohto@w3.org)
Date: Tue, Apr 25 2000

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    From: "Hidetaka Ohto" <ohto@w3.org>
    To: <www-ccpp-protocol@w3.org>
    Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 14:49:08 -0400
    Subject: welcome www-ccpp-protocol@w3.org
    Dear all:
    In CC/PP Working Group in W3C, an RDF-based framework 
    for the management of device profile information is being
    This mailing-list is created aiming at discussing 
    the protocol which conveys CC/PP information.
    More specifically, the (tentative) scope of the discussion in this
     mailing-list is as follows.
    1. HTTP request with assertions(i.e. CC/PP profiles) and get response 
    2. Assertions of capabilities related to the transactional elements with
        protocol which use HTTP methods.
    3. In addition, to base system of using assertions of capabilities relevant
       to content retrieval.(device capability and user preference profile information).
    -- Taka
     Hidetaka "Taka" Ohto
       Panasonic Technologies Inc
       Visiting Engineer at the W3C
          Fax +1-617-258 5999, Phone +1-617-258-0982
          MIT/LCS, 545 Tech. Sq. Cambridge MA 02139 USA