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W3C Advisory Board Nomination statement

From: Arthur Barstow <art.barstow@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2014 14:57:50 -0400
Message-ID: <536BD3AE.5020504@gmail.com>
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[ This is a Public archive of my Advisory Board nomination statement 
that (ATM) is available in the following Member-only document 
<https://www.w3.org/2014/05/01-ab-nominations.html#ab>. ]


I have been an active collaborator in the Web standards community for 
many years, first as a W3C Visiting Fellow, and more recently as chair 
of several working groups focusing on Open Web Platform technologies, 
including "cat herding" for the WebApps WG and more "traditionally" run 
Working Groups, including the Touch Interface, Pointer Events and Web 
Application Formats WGs. I also contribute to my groups' testing efforts 
and help the groups make forward progress while minimizing process overhead.

My chief motivation and methodology in Web standards participation has 
been and continues to be interoperability, by creating standards that 
are broadly implemented and deployed. It's this perspective and 
experience that I believe will make me especially well-suited to 
increasing the relevance and impact of the Advisory Board (AB). The 
WebApps WG, in particular, is working on a large number of critical 
deliverables, and tracking those will be important to any decisions the 
AB should make.

As a long-standing Advisory Committee (AC) representative, I continue to 
proactively advocate the AC and the Consortium become more inclusive and 
open. I lead an initiative to help new AC members become familiar with 
the Consortium by creating the ACwiki and adding several documents such 
as the AC Newbie Guide, AC representative Introductions and AC Meeting 
Value Proposition. I also created documents that facilitate gathering 
Member and Public feedback for initiatives to update the W3C's "events 
process", to transparently and consistently evaluate new work proposals 
and to define requirements for common group "dashboards". Additionally, 
since the majority of Members do not attend "distributed meetings" (such 
as AC meetings and W3C Workshops), I have persistently advocated adding 
video support for AC meetings to facilitate both remote participation 
and post event viewing. I will also continue to encourage the "silent 
majority" of Members to become more active in the AC and the Consortium 
and I welcome ideas on how we can achieve that together.

In my role as AC representative, I have taken the responsibility to 
read, understand, and report to my company all of W3C's activities, to 
find where it effects us and where we can make the most of our 
participation, and I think the AB would benefit from a similar approach 
of looking at the breadth of W3C's activities to make more coherent and 
comprehensive strategic decisions.

I think the AB has the potential to be a useful asset to the Web 
Community. However, to successfully "lead the Web" and to help extend 
the reach of the Web to the next billion users requires an AB that is 
commited to transform the Consortium as the Web continues evolving, to 
provide strong leadership via actions (i.e. less talking/advising and 
more doing) and to seek unfettered open collaboration. That can be only 
be achieved with an AB that is transparent, open and inclusive. The 
Consortium must once again focus its limited resources on its key value 
proposition - creating broadly interoperable standards. If you share 
this view of the AB, I would greatly appreciate your support.

-Regards, AB
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