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Re: [W3C CSS WG, URGENT] Prioritization

From: Karl Dubost <karl@la-grange.net>
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 21:58:26 -0400
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To: "L. David Baron" <dbaron@dbaron.org>
Just to be able to see a different view on the same information.
for my own curiosity.

Le 26 sept. 2012 à 21:40, L. David Baron a écrit :
> Here's a response that's been discussed among a few of us at
> Mozilla.
> -David
> "very strong interest" (VSI)
> "strong interest" (SI)
> "low interest" (LI)
> "not interested" (NI)

# Very Strong Interest

VSI     CSS Animations L1       
VSI     CSS Conditional Rules Module L3         
VSI     CSS Flexible Box Layout Module L1       
VSI     CSS Fonts L3    
VSI     CSS Transforms  
VSI     CSS Transitions         

# Strong Interest

SI      CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module L3   
SI      CSS Box Alignment Module L3     
SI      CSS Fragmentation Module L3     
SI      CSS Grid Layout         
SI      CSS Image Values and Replaced Content L3        
SI      CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module LEVEL 4    
SI      CSS Intrinsic & Extrinsic Sizing Module L3      
SI      CSS Mobile Text Size Adjustment Module  
SI      CSS Multi-column Layout Module  
SI      CSS OM View Module      
SI      CSS Overflow Module     
SI      CSS Text Decoration Module L3   
SI      CSS Text Module L3      
SI      CSS Values and Units Module L3  
SI      CSS Writing Modes L3    
SI      Media Queries L4        
SI      Selectors L4    Need to split the draft into L4/L5

# Low Interest

LI      Compositing and Blending        
LI      CSS Box Model L3        
LI      CSS Color Correction    
LI      CSS Counter Styles L3   
LI      CSS Device Adaptation   
LI      CSS Line Grid Module    
LI      CSS Line Layout L3      
LI      CSS Lists and Counters Module L3        
LI      CSS OM  
LI      CSS OM Values Module    
LI      CSS Paged Media Module L3       
LI      CSS Positioned Layout Module L3         
LI      CSS Ruby        
LI      CSS Syntax L3   
LI      CSS UI  
LI/SI?  Filter Effects  
LI/SI?  Masking         

# Not Interested 

NI      CSS Background and Borders L4   
NI      CSS Exclusions and Shapes       
NI      CSS GCPM        Might want to pull out some features into other modules, though
NI      CSS Grid Template Layout        
NI      CSS Hierarchies         
NI      CSS Pagination Templates Module         
NI      CSS Pseudo-Elements L4  
NI      CSS Regions     
NI      CSS Speech L1   
NI      CSS Style Attribute L1  
NI      CSS Text L4     
NI      Shaders         

Karl Dubost
Montréal, QC, Canada
Received on Thursday, 27 September 2012 01:58:48 UTC

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