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Re: Please explain the role of the W3C in the continuing development of HTML

From: Nathan <nathan@webr3.org>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 12:50:46 +0000
Message-ID: <4D5A76A6.50301@webr3.org>
To: jeff@w3.org, Ian Hickson <ian@hixie.ch>
CC: Danny Ayers <danny.ayers@gmail.com>, Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>, www-archive <www-archive@w3.org>
jeff@w3.org wrote:
> Nathan,
> Agree with your points.  Our objective is to find the right balance.  We have targeted 2011 for HTML5 LC and need to be more agile for the next version.

Great, to me that's the best anybody could hope for, given that there is 
still a large proportion of the web that's waiting for "HTML 5", the 
sooner HTML 5 gets to REC the sooner everybody can put this evolutionary 
phase behind them and start focussing on the future.

BTW, I think it would do everybody good to see a joint statement 
published by both the W3C and WHAT WG noting the problems of the past, 
the agreement for the future and tailing with something like "we're all 
working to get there as soon as we can".

Thanks and hope all works out for the best,

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