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RE: IE9 will not support aria-labelledby or aria-describedby

From: Adrian Bateman <adrianba@microsoft.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 02:15:28 +0000
To: Steven Faulkner <faulkner.steve@gmail.com>
CC: www-archive <www-archive@w3.org>, Richard Schwerdtfeger <schwer@us.ibm.com>, Cynthia Shelly <cyns@microsoft.com>
Message-ID: <104E6B5B6535E849970CDFBB1C5216EB2F2E15C8@TK5EX14MBXC140.redmond.corp.microsoft.com>
Hi Steve,

Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention. Apologies for the delay in replying: I was away on vacation for most of the last week and a half. While I was away, I forwarded your mail to others on the team and as you have seen they have reopened the bug for another look.

Both IE8 and IE9 support the aria-labelledby and aria-describedby attribute with UIA but that there are some aspects that could be improved with MSAA. The Inspect32 tool in the latest Windows SDK [1] shows this. The team will review the work involved in these potential changes and update the Connect bug appropriately.

Please don't hesitate to contact me again if you have concerns that you wish to raise in future.



[1] http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=35aeda01-421d-4ba5-b44b-543dc8c33a20&displaylang=en

On Thursday, July 01, 2010 2:35 AM, Steven Faulkner wrote:
> apologies - reposting with appropriate subject line
> On 1 July 2010 10:31, Steven Faulkner <faulkner.steve@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi Adrian,
> I am writing to you as I am concerned by a decision made by the IE team
> not to support the aria-labelledby and aria-descibedby attributes in IE9
> These attributes are particularly important to accessibility in web based
> applications for associating text labels and descriptions to controls.
> I posted a bug
> https://connect.microsoft.com/IE/feedback/details/555280/ie-platform-
> preview-does-not-support-multiple-values-in-aria-labelledby-and-does-not-
> support-aria-describedby it has been marked as won't fix.
> I also provided deatiled test cases and results:
> http://www.paciellogroup.com/blog/aria-tests/aria-labelledby-input.html
> I am unsure of how to pursue this further and although you may not be the
> right person to ask, you may know who is?
> regards
> Steve Faulkner
> --
> with regards
> Steve Faulkner
> Technical Director - TPG Europe
> Director - Web Accessibility Tools Consortium
> www.paciellogroup.com | www.wat-c.org
> Web Accessibility Toolbar - http://www.paciellogroup.com/resources/wat-
> ie-about.html
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