CSS2.1 Conformance Test Suite

Chapter 11 - Visual effects (12 tests)

Test Flags
11 Visual effects
11.1 Overflow and clipping
11.1.1 Overflow: the 'overflow' property
Overflow affect on children I
Overflow clipping does not affect elements which are ancestors to the element being clipped.
Overflow on body propagates to viewport
An HTML user agent propagates the 'overflow' property from the 'body' to the viewport.
Overflow hidden on root element
Clipping does not affect elements where their parent is the viewport.
Overflow 'scroll' and printing P
The 'overflow' property set to 'scroll' acts like 'visible' when element is printed.
Overflow on root propagates to viewport
The 'overflow' property set on the root propagates to the viewport.
Scrollbar placement in overflow scenario
The placement of the scrollbar is between the inner border edge and the outer padding edge.
11.1.2 Clipping: the 'clip' property
Clip on non-positioned element
Clip does not apply to non-positioned elements.
Clip with other invalid shape
A shape value other than 'rect()' is not supported.
Clip with 'rect()' function values separated
User agent may also support separation of the 'rect()' function values 'top', 'right', 'bottom', and 'left' with spaces.
11.2 Visibility: the 'visibility' property
Visibility 'collapse' on non-table row or column elements
The 'visibility' property set to 'collapse' acts like 'hidden' when applied to non-table row or column elements.
Descendents of hidden elements can specify a different visibility
Descendents of a hidden element will be visible if they have 'visibility' set to 'visible'.
Hidden elements still affect layout
Invisible boxes still affect layout.