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[RIF][PRD] Complete Read of RIF-PRD

From: Boley, Harold <Harold.Boley@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca>
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 16:20:25 -0500
Message-ID: <E4D07AB09F5F044299333C8D0FEB45E904FFE832@nrccenexb1.nrc.ca>
To: <www-archive@w3.org>
I did a complete read on a printout of
version 19:04, 11 January 2009, of


in the airplanes to Portland.

My scanned scribbled comments are attached (in two parts).

I found there is huge progress in RIF-PRD editing.
Yet, there are several things that could still be improved,
e.g. revolving around conflict resolution (e.g., issue on page 29).

-- Harold

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