Cascading Style Sheets Working Group

HTML 4.01 Test Suite for CSS 2.1 Conformance Testing

Thank you for offering to contribute results for the support of CSS2.1 conformance testing.

Your browser has been identified by the user-agent string shown below. This string indicates that your browser is IE 6.0 run on WinXP; however, you can provide results for a different browser by providing another user-agent string.

The HTML 4.01 test suite contains 511 test cases. You can choose to conduct:

Note: You can stop running tests at any time without causing troubles. Also, the harness adds automatically in each test case the number of remaining test cases and a form to submitt results; these additions are not part of the original test cases, and their influence on the results should be ignored as much as possible. If you would like to see a particular test case without these additions a link is provided to open the test case in a separate window. In case of doubt, please hit the "Cannot Tell" button.

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