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[w3photo] call for participation: interaction and the semantic web

From: m.c. schraefel <mc@unitboy.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 10:35:35 +0000
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To: semantic-photolist@unitboy.com

It would be great to see several papers from the photo project 
submitted to this workshop

  		(Preliminary) Call for Participation
             Interaction Design and the Semantic Web

	The First International Workshop on
	Interaction Design and the Semantic Web
	     will be held in conjunction with the WWW conference,
	     NY NY May 18-19 2004 (date to be confirmed by WWW workshop chairs)

The preliminary call for papers is at the following address


Special Guests: Jim Hendler and Ben Shneiderman

We're looking for participants on both sides of the interface to participate

The goal of the workshop is

*          Through a discussion between interaction design and 
Semantic Web researchers, to explore the specific research issues for 
interaction design in the Semantic Web space.
*	To build bridges for collaboration between interaction design 
and Semantic Web researchers.

This workshop is an opportunity for Interaction Design and Semantic 
Web researchers to meet and explore what is interesting and what is 
possible, to exchange problem cases from knowledge building tools for 
non-specialists to application affordances for generic browsers to 
formal interaction models for representing semantically associated 
The goal of the workshop is to share ideas, experiences and to chart 
new territory, and especially to create opportunities for 
collaboration among research communities. In particular, we want

1.	to begin to define what are the particular attributes of the 
Semantic Web that we can specify new research challenges for 
Interaction Designers.
2.	to create an ongoing bridge between research communities.

Submissions (Deadline, March 31)

To facilitate participation, discussion and bridge building, there 
are 4 types of submissions:

*	Position papers (4-8 pages)
Position papers will be a place to explore possible design methods or 
to describe issues within the Semantic Web space that would benefit 
from the availability of appropriate UI models.
*	Technical Briefings (4 pages)
Research that has created specific tools or working API's for 
interaction with semantic web; blueprints or models for API's; 
languages for expressing interaction in the Semantic Web.
*	Posters and Demonstrations (2 pages)
Example applications that either demonstrate an interaction design 
specifically modelled for a Semantic Web application, or are in 
search of interaction design to better support the application 
(examples of visually effective posters)
*	Case studies (6-8 pages)
Can include work in progress. To look at the case studies where 
semantic web researchers and interaction designers have already been 
working together. The focus of these papers should be on the issues 
surrounding connecting the interaction design to the semantic web 

We plan to have selected post workshop papers  published in a special 
issue of the Journal of Digital Information (JoDI)

More info and updates will be at

This is the TEMPORARY discussion list for the W3 Semantic-Photo History
Project. For questions, contact greg@fotonotes.net.

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